Mr. Andrew Lale, Consultant Ear, Nose, Throat and Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dorset Ear Nose and Throat Ltd.
  • Facial plastic surgery profile

    Nasal surgery

    This includes breathing and snoring surgery including post traumatic Rhinoplasty,
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  • Nose and sinus surgery cross section

    Sinus Surgery

    Including treatments for infected sinuses, nasal obstruction, facial pain and polyps.
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  • Snoring Problem


    Snoring is often very disruptive for patients and partners. Mr Lale looks at a range of causes for snoring including surgery.
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  • Throat and voice problems

    Throat and voice

    Conditions treated include sore throats, coughs, tonsilitis, and vocal cord nodules.
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  • Man with sore throat swallowing


    Mr Andrew Lale treats many swallowing problems including lump in the throat, heatburn and reflux.
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  • Hearing Problems

    Hearing and earwax

    Conditions treated include ear wax, ear infections & discharge, ear ache and tinnitus.
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  • Child Ear Nose and Throat treatments


    Mr Lale treats most childhood ENT conditions such as snoring, deafness, ear infections and sore throats.
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  • Facial mole

    Skin lesions

    These are treated anywhere in the head and neck area and can range from simple naevi (moles) to skin cancer.
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  • Man with Migrane Attack

    Dizziness and balance

    Including dizzy spells, poor balance, vertigo, spinning attacks, labyrinthitis and Meniere’s disease.
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