Rhinoplasty/Facial plastic surgery


Facial plastic surgery profileMr Lale’s specialist area of expertise is in Rhinoplasty surgery.

Many patients of all ages do not like the appearance of their nose, this may be a result of a previous injury or just the way the nose has grown. It can be a recent concern but very often is a longer term issue for them.

The first step in considering a rhinoplasty is a discussion with the patient to determine exactly what they do not like about their nose. This is followed by a specialist examination of the nose by Mr Lale. After this surgey is discussed including likely changes in appearance.


Mr Lale performs many operations to re shape the ears (otoplasty).

These can be in children as a result of teasing or later in life if the patient is self conscious. It is usually both ears but can be one sided.

After a discussion with the patient Mr Lale will examine the ears and determine precisely what surgery is required.



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